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Has Your Loan Been Transferred?

We understand that your loan being transferred can generate questions for you. Here is a list of important items to help you during this transition.

    1. Why was my loan transferred?
      There are several reasons why your loan may have been transferred to a different servicer. Your loan may have been previously part of a rehabilitation program, recently consolidated, or your prior servicer may no longer service your type loan. As each borrower’s reason is unique, please contact your new servicer should you continue to have questions.

    2. Why is my monthly payment amount different?
      Federal requirements, interest capitalization from forbearance, or late fees may have caused your minimum monthly installment amount to change. Please contact your new servicer if you would like more information about the changes to your payment amount or if you need assistance managing your payment amount.

    3. Your account number has changed.
      If you submit payments through an online bill pay service, please provide your new account number and payment address to your bill pay service to ensure accurate payment processing. Your new account number appears on your billing statement.

    4. The payment address has changed.
      Avoid payment delays by sending all payments to your new servicer’s address. Remit payment using your new account number. Your account number can be found on your billing statement.

    5. Your due date may have changed.
      Your due date can be found on your monthly billing statement. If you would like to change your new due date, contact your servicer to discuss possible options.